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design lead & creative director

project highlight

A multidisciplinary creative with a background in architecture, graphic design and virtual reality. Passionate about creating spatial phygital experiences that engage and captivate the senses. Continually integrating lateral thinking, cultural relevance, and critical study with a user-centred approach. Eager to tell stories that need to be heard and always in pursuit of the next big thing.

Estrangement is an experiment-driven research project exploring themes of identity, movement, and (dis)embodiment. It provides a framework to challenge the notion of embodiment in which the subject is not only represented but also in control of a different body, facilitating a new proprioceptive dialogue with an altered reflection. Through VR experiences, performances, and workshops, both physical and digital, the project studies corporal modification and how it can affect our proprioception, for the sake of deepening and expanding mental and physical bodily capabilities related to movement.


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